Quintessence: The Complete Collection (CONT RH)

She's just a housekeeper. She has debts. She needs a job.

They're geniuses. They have money. They need a housekeeper.

More importantly... they need her.

A new job leads to a happily-ever-after Sascha could never have foreseen...

Read the complete Quintessence Collection, a timeless love story, in one volume for the first time ever.

Contains never-before-published bonus scenes.

The Sun Revolves Around Apollo (PNR RH)

Being alive has never been so exhilarating, or, as Ella is finding out, more dangerous...

A few months ago, Ella was a ghost.
Hades, the God of the Underworld, brought her back to life as a boon to his beloved wife, Cressy, but things kinda unraveled when Ella met Zeus. Saying it all went Pete Tong is just an understatement.
Now, she's back on Earth in a body, but it isn't hers. She has a name too, and it isn't Ella.
What happens when a soul takes over another's body?
Well, it starts to look like demon possession.
Fearing her 'mom' will bring in an exorcist, Ella agrees to stay in a rehab center where she accidentally meets Achilles and Pollux, guardians of the god Apollo. They're busy getting it on, and Ella is quite happy to hang around for the show. Until they realize she's snooping, of course.
Face-palm or what?
But the meeting is a revelation, and through them, she meets Castor and the god himself: Apollo.
As the second in Zeus' baby-making scheme, Ella is Apollo's bride. But her lineage is sired by Helios, the God who brings the sun out after a long night, and Apollo? He powers the sun itself.
When these two get together, more than sparks fly, the sun itself starts to storm.
With the world unexpectedly in peril, Ella and her four husbands have to right the wrong they inadvertently committed when they danced the horizontal tango.
Can they save the world in time?

Hotter than Hades (PNR RH)

The Gods Are Back in Town.

Well, to be precise, they never left.

Just because people stopped believing in them, didn't make them disappear, and Hades, Apollo, Ares, Poseidon, and Zeus are all as about town as they ever were. They just have different names.

Ziel Dearil is the God of the dead and the King of the Underworld. With his guardians at his side, demi-god Orpheus, and hero Icarus, he's been ruling his rather boring realm with an iron fist since time began.

Then, everything changes when Cressida Jonas walks into their world.

When Hades informs the multi platinum-selling, multi award-winning singer that she's his wife, any normal woman might have run screaming for the hills. Cressida, on the other hand, sees this as an opportunity to get revenge on the man who wronged her eighteen months ago.

Falling for three guys was never a part of the program, just vengeance, but of course, the Fates have a way of messing with the best laid plans.

See what they have in store for Cressida, Hades, Icarus, and Orpheus in HOTTER THAN HADES!

The S*x Tape (Bully RH)

Briar Gildermann is used to being the Queen of Gildermann Academy, but after her boyfriend releases a sex tape? Suddenly she’s a pawn in a game she has no idea how to play.

Gildermann Academy is where elite sons and daughters go to further their dynastic families’ vast fortunes. Among her peers, Briar’s humiliation knows no bounds when Flynn, Lennox, and Blake, each wearing their own crowns, find a wicked pleasure in destroying her reputation.

They’ll stop at nothing until she’s torn to shreds.

But the only question Briar has, is...


Ghost Hunter (PNR MF)

Ghost Hunter cover link to purchase

Jayce is a ghost whisperer.

She sees ghosts, can talk to them, can hear them. They follow her around like an entourage.

But, as Peter Parker's uncle said, 'With great power comes great responsibility.'

Uncle Ben wasn't wrong.

When Jayce can right centuries' old wrongs that are still affecting the present, her principles and the desire for safety clash. She's no longer on her own, after all. She has a partner now; Drake. AKA: the best. Boyfriend. Ever.

Putting him at risk isn't something she's willing to do, but with a malevolent spirit capable of hurting not just Jayce but Drake? The doodoo has definitely hit the fan.

Can Jayce avoid the spray, keep her lover safe, and still uphold the values that matter the most to her?

Find out in Jayce Ventura - Ghost Hunter!

Ghost Avenger (PNR MF)

Ghost Avenger cover link to purchase

Falling in love doesn’t lessen a ghost detective’s workload, so when a mystery client contacts her for help, Jayce crosses the country, curiosity biting her in the butt with each mile she travels. But the mystery client is a famous face, Marla Davison. An actress with a Crown Prince and Princess for parents and whose recent past has been shrouded in secrets, making her as infamous as she is famous.

Jayce helps the dead, not the living. But when she calls on her ghostly pals to help the spirit haunting her client, she soon realizes helping the dead isn’t enough.

Cue the arrival of Drake Edwins, her new boyfriend and eminent psychologist.

As a team, they have to discern exactly why Marla’s being haunted and how to help the spirit cross over. But the truth has barbs neither expected, and Jayce’s role of ghost detective is no longer enough.

When the chance for vengeance arises, Jayce can step up to the plate and do what needs to be done, or she can remain the passive detective she’s always been.

With the man she’s growing to love at her side, there’s never been a better time for her to evolve into what she should always have been—Jayce Ventura: Ghost Avenger.

Ghost Whisperer (PNR MF)

Ghost whisperer cover link to purchase

It says a lot about a person when their best friend is a ghost.

Jayce Ventura, ghost detective, has nothing but the deceased as friends. With no love life, no social life, and only Ben and Jerry who'll put up with her, something's gotta give. But what?
When Drake Edwin comes to her for help in finding closure with his nephew's death, Jayce is dragged out of her apathy and into the weird and wonderful world of emotion.
Only trouble is, Drake's nephew didn't OD, he was murdered, and Jayce is the only one who can make good this situation.
Mixing work and pleasure is never the best idea, but when you throw murder into the scenario, it gets a thousand times worse.
Only a helping hand from the other side will get this duo together, but even ghosts can be bitter. Will Drake and Jayce ever make it? Or were they broken before they managed to meet...?

This book is a sweet, paranormal romance with a kickass heroine who isn't afraid to swear, eat too much ice cream, or come face to face with things that go bump in the night. What does freak her out is LOVE.

Forever Theirs (The Complete 1-4 Boxset) (CONT MMF)

Forever Theirs cover link to purchase

Closed doors hide a multitude of secrets.

Who knows what goes on behind them, but who wouldn't love to find out?

In this sexy MMF, military romance, Gia Jefferson must combine a hectic life as mother, author, but also, wife to not one but two officers in the US Army.

Inside her home, her love for two men can flourish, but when the outside intrudes, that's when trouble brews.

A disastrous deployment changes the family dynamic in ways that no one could foresee. With one mate suffering from severe PTSD, and the other attempting to dissemble a corruption racket within the ranks, Gia is left to flounder until her men make her realize that she is, and always will be, FOREVER THEIRS.

Dive into this eight-hundred page saga that reveals what happens once the happily ever after is over...

For the first time ever, FOREVER THEIRS, the complete boxset (1-4) of The Luck of Love series, is now available for your reading pleasure.

(This book was originally a part of THE LUCK OF LOVE series but has been re-covered, re-edited, and has bonus content added.)

The Vows We Break (CONT MF)


Savio lives by them.


I exist in them.

Obsessed with a picture, I'm in Rome to get over writer’s block, but more importantly, I've come to the Eternal City to find someone.

Savio is a broken soul. A French-Italian priest in the capital of the Catholic world, he preaches religious tenets he no longer believes in.

He’s also the man I'm looking for.

A priest who makes sinners pay.

Who makes them burn for the temptations into which they fall.

I exist to tempt him, my sole purpose is to save him, and my end goal is Savio—in my bed. My heart. My life.

He's a fallen soul, desperately in need of a future that takes him away from the sinners who deserve to lose their lives for the evil they reap.

Can I make him break his vows, make him fall to save both our souls before the Devil can embrace us both?

The TriAlpha Chronicles Boxset 4-6 (PNR RH)

For the first time ever, read TRIUMPH, TRIERNA, and TRIALPHA in a boxset.

Set aside three nights because you've just found your next binge read.

This boxset contains books 4 to 6 of THE TRIALPHA CHRONICLES.

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