Filthy Feck (Mafia MF)

Series: Five Points Mob Collection (Mafia MF) #8
Genre: Mafia MF

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Star's my penguin.

She doesn't know it.

She took off. Sure. I'm mad at her. Sure. But that's her charm.

She's ornery.


Impossible to love, but I see her BS.

And I call her on it.

I'll chase her from the North Pole to Antarctica, this Fecker isn't about to lose his soul mate.


Conor's my lifeline.
He doesn't know it.

I need him to find me.

I need him to chase me.

I need him to love me.

If I haven't already destroyed what we might have had, he's crazy enough to take me on.

My Fecker.


FILTHY FECK is the eighth and final book in The Five Points' Mob Collection.

Fifteen books you've been waiting, and trust me, as impatient as you are, that's nothing compared to Conor...

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