Filthy (Mafia MF)

Finn O’Grady is the Devil in a custom suit.
Not even God will deny a man like him.
I'm certainly not God.
I'm just a woman he's set his sights on.
One he’ll never relinquish.

His idea of being ‘kind’ is to give me two options.
Destroy the reputation of a man I love.
Bed him and he’ll forget about what he knows.
One night only.

He doesn't know I'm a virgin.
And when he finds out?
One night isn't enough.
Not for him, and not for me.

But his world is forged on the misery of others.
He might have a house in the Hamptons, stare at the Hudson when he sits behind his desk, and manage a billion dollar hedge fund, all of that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a mobster.
One of the infamous Five Points.

Being with him puts me in danger.
But my heart?
Well, it’s been in danger from the first moment we met…

This was originally released as The Air He Breathes.

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