Forever Theirs (The Complete 1-4 Boxset) (CONT MMF)

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Series: Forever Theirs (CONT MMF) #5
Release Date: December 30, 2018
Genre: Contemporary MMF

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Closed doors hide a multitude of secrets.

Who knows what goes on behind them, but who wouldn't love to find out?

In this sexy MMF, military romance, Gia Jefferson must combine a hectic life as mother, author, but also, wife to not one but two officers in the US Army.

Inside her home, her love for two men can flourish, but when the outside intrudes, that's when trouble brews.

A disastrous deployment changes the family dynamic in ways that no one could foresee. With one mate suffering from severe PTSD, and the other attempting to dissemble a corruption racket within the ranks, Gia is left to flounder until her men make her realize that she is, and always will be, FOREVER THEIRS.

Dive into this eight-hundred page saga that reveals what happens once the happily ever after is over...

For the first time ever, FOREVER THEIRS, the complete boxset (1-4) of The Luck of Love series, is now available for your reading pleasure.

(This book was originally a part of THE LUCK OF LOVE series but has been re-covered, re-edited, and has bonus content added.)

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