Coven (PNR MF)

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When a Vampire and a Dragon get it on, more than just magic happens...

Mia is a nightwalker. A Vampire born of two Vampire parents. More than that, she's a Sanguenna. A coven leader. In the twenty-first century, ruling a coven involves keeping the Emperor happy all while paying his excruciatingly high taxes by running Coven, a successful nightclub in NYC.

With the holiday season upon them, Mia had no idea she'd be getting her own gift under the Christmas tree this year. In fact, she had no idea that gifts even came in the shape of seven-feet tall Dragon Shifters who wear Savile Row suits like they were born in them. But, lucky her, that's what Santa brought this year, and, shock shock, horror horror, she opened up her gift before the 25th.

Naughty, naughty.

With a mate bond under way, a bizarre mating ceremony to endure, and a Dragon Queen to meet, it's a crazy Christmas to be sure. But bizarre or not, Christmas miracles do happen.

They just don't always take the shape you might imagine.

COVEN is a 60k word standalone novel and the first book in a soap opera-style series. Previously published under Christmas: Dragon Style, it has been substantially revised, lengthened, and re-edited.

Leman (PNR MF)

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Love is in the air, but for these fated mates, love might not be enough...

Georgios has a past.

In fact, he has more than a past. It's a doozy of a heritage. With a murderer in the family and a mate stirring in the other realm, the last thing Ios needs is to continue a lineage that has messed with the fertility of all dragonkind.


There's always a but, right?

Lara is... Well, to be frank, she's his. Still, to save her from him, he'll fight the mate bond. Do what he must to keep her safe because, when it boils down to it, she's the only thing that matters.

Of course, there has to be a spanner in the works. Namely, it's Lara. A Vampire with bigger balls than most guys, and his citrus fruit... Okay, okay, leman.

Destined to be together, this cellphone-loathing Dragon has no choice but to embrace a world where women like having their boobs squished into torture devices called bras, bowls aren't just regular-sized but Super, and roses are a declaration of true love.

If they can make it past the problems with his heritage, they're on course for a happily-ever-after, but when a Dragon has courted mischief for centuries, trouble was always going to come knocking on his door.

Can they make it past the mistakes they've both made to finally be together? Or will his history and hers be the wrecking ball to hopes and dreams neither had dared have until they were in one another's arms?

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