Sinfully Theirs (CONT MMF)

For little Miss Nobody, a love this unique is more than she'd ever dared expect...

Mona is Miss. Average.
Her ass isn't the tightest, her job sucks, and she's still getting over her divorce.
Life is one long round of work, work, and more work until, one day, she accidentally falls into the arms of an ex-Marine. After an epic one-night-stand that has Mona rethinking everything she knows about sex, she learns a terrible secret.
One that makes no sense.
Zane Matthews?
He's married.
To a man.
And that man? Well, he isn't about to take his husband's cheating lying down, not when he wants Mona too.
For a girl who was reared in the Church, being propositioned by two men isn't an everyday occurrence. But for a love this unique, this powerful, is Mona willing to ignore society's prejudices? Or will she walk away from them both?
She was always sinfully his, but will she ever be SINFULLY THEIRS?

Sinfully Mastered (BDSM MF)

For little Miss Naughty, the words 'behaving' and 'love' never belonged in the same sentence...

Marina is wicked.
Right down to her core.
She doesn't care for the rules, is the ultimate rebel without a cause, but when she loves, she loves true. So, when the few people she actually gives a damn about get hurt because of her, the guilt is immense.
And when she almost loses the love of her life?
The staggering blow to her self-esteem is more than she knows how to handle.
Left reeling, when Nate demands she earn his forgiveness, she agrees.
Even if that means submitting.
To her Master.
Nate hid his need to dominate Marina because of mistakes he made with subs in the past. For her, he was willing to try to move on, but when Marina puts him and her friends in danger, Nate knows she needs to be taken in hand.
And he's the man to do it.
But will she let him?
Marina always ran sinfully hot, but being SINFULLY MASTERED by Nate was never on the cards. Is she willing to reconcile the past with the present to forge a better future?

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