Seven Wishes (PNR RH)

Caelum: an Academy built to protect people like Eve.
Who they can't protect her from?
Its own student body.

The threat of death isn't new to Eve, but when she's given the chance to escape her past, she prays her future will be brighter.

How wrong she is.

Raised in a cult, Eve has no understanding of the modern world. Targeted as a freak, a Pack of boys take her under their wing but one among them recognizes Eve for what she is.


And a threat.

At Caelum, threats need eliminating...

Eve survived her past, but what of her future?

Find out if she makes it out alive in book ONE of the complete Caelum Academy trilogy.

A Why Choose Romance.

Eight Souls (PNR RH)

An Academy like no other for a girl with a destiny that no one could handle...

Home to 'freaks' the world over.
Haven to children declared insane by humans, but whose beautiful minds contain the souls of seven creatures.

In the human world, they're sick. Ill. Labeled schizophrenics at best, deviants at worst.
At Caelum?
They're normal.
More than that, they're future warriors in a war no human knows is happening.

Into this mix tumbles Eve. An oddball even among oddballs.
Raised in a cult, she can't handle a TV remote never mind news that she isn't insane, is old enough to join the war effort, and oh, is mated to several males.

Caelum is more of a home than she's ever known but, just like in the New Order Cult that reared her, anyone out of the ordinary is a dead man walking.

And Eve?

She doesn't have seven souls like everyone else.
She has eight.

Dead woman walking?

Find out in book TWO of the complete Caelum Academy trilogy.

Nine Lives (PNR RH)

The Ghoul population is on the increase.
Creatures' numbers are dwindling.

Into this sorry state of affairs falls Eve. She's abnormal in all the ways that count to humans, but at Caelum, where she should be among her peers?
Even here she's weird.

No woman has more than one mate.
She has seven.

And the creatures that dominate her mind?
There are eight of those battling for power in her soul.

With the war having come to Caelum's front door, Eve and her mates have no option but to escape the perils she faces at an Academy where anyone extraordinary is to be exterminated.
On the path to safety, however, Eve and her mates must uncover exactly who she is, and what, if they can ever hope to lead normal lives.
But with the revelations come more peril than any of them could have imagined.

Will they survive the beginning of the end?

Or were they doomed to fail before they were even born?

Find out in the THIRD and final book in the complete Caelum Academy trilogy.

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