Origin (PNR RH)

You've seen the tale from Thalia's side, but learn how her parents met in ORIGIN.


It was just another hunt for the heirs to the TriAlpha but deep in Barcelona's heart, they found their heart and soul.

Trinity (PNR RH)

Trouble follows her, but the Fates never do anything without a reason...

Discover what that reason is in this Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem saga.

Shunned by the Pack, hidden away like a monster, Thalia had no choice but to embrace what she was in an attempt to survive. With her thirtieth birthday in the near distance, things had never looked bleaker until an Elder reveals a troubling prophecy, one that she is at the center of.

But her destiny involves more than just the Pack. There's a war brewing, one that only the Gods are aware of. Thalia was born to be their righthand woman, and with each step she takes, she's on a hair trigger. Devastation awaits mankind and Thalia is all that's keeping things in check.

But who will keep Thalia in check? The mates the Gods gift her along the way? Well, if she can find them, that is...

Triskele (PNR RH)

The Fates wanted more for her, now she's got to man up to tackle the future they've handed her...

Thalia Lyndhoven's got balls.

Well, not literally. But she has the cojones to do what needs to be done to make things right in her Pack. Nor is she afraid to dirty her hands or push her nose in where angels would fear to tread.

Speaking of...

With two of her three mates at her side, Thalia's life has never been brighter. For the first time, she's hopeful for tomorrow. She's freer than she's ever been, even if she does have the burden of a prophecy riding on her coattails.

In walks mate number three. Not only does he have wings, a beautiful face, and an attitude, he has news.

A SECOND prophecy.

Seems like Thalia's just an overachiever when it comes down to the Doomsday stuff. For the first time, she's not excited to have her final mate at her side. This one comes bearing gifts that no one would ever ask for, and with a tale that rewrites history as the world knows it.

Man, Lyken, and Fae.

The combined power of her males means something, Thalia just has to figure out what that may be, all while absorbing her new role as Triskele - a Royal Enforcer for the Pack.

She's never been safer with her three males at her side, but she's never been in more danger either... Will she prevail? Or will she fail in her duties, not just to Lykenkind but the Fae too?

Triad (PNR RH)

Thalia Lyndhoven has a problem.

Well, she has several.

In fact, there are too many to count. Some are doozies, and some are just minor, but, in the grand scheme of things, she looks like she has it all. Three beautiful, supportive, very unique mates. Men who'd kill for her. Who'd embrace the darkness for her. As well as more power at her fingertips than most could even imagine.

While Thalia has always wanted a simple life, her passage to another realm looks set to prove that will never be. Heden has always been her end destination, she just didn't know it, and the Fates, as always, have plans she's not privy to.

And one of those plans? It's about to come to a head.

Those wily minxes have never cut Thalia much slack, and though she has her triad of mates at her side, her world is as rife with strife as ever it was. So, with her future looking like something from a saga, Thalia has only two options:


Or die trying.

Triumph (PNR RH)

Thalia Lyndhoven's in a quandary.

The Devil wants her daughter, and Thalia? Not unsurprisingly, she's not too fond of the idea.

Thalia's proven, time and time again, that she'll do whatever it takes for those she loves, and for her unborn child? Well, Thalia's about to prove that momma bears have got nothing on her.

She's survived mercury-laced bullets, has grown wings, and is about to become the first non-Fae Queen of a people who humans believe are angels. More than that, she has her mates at her back.

With Mikkel, Rafe, and Theo along for the ride, Thalia knows she's indestructible. Now she just has to prove that... to the world.

Not too big an ask, right?

Trierna (PNR RH)

Thalia has a purpose.

After months of having to roll with the punches, she now knows what her part is in the grand scheme of things.

Newly crowned as Queen of the Fae, and mother to a newborn hybrid, Thalia is about to take on her most daunting role yet: she's been ordained, by the Gods themselves, to bring down the Devil.

And no, there isn't a euphemism hidden in that sentence. Morningstar needs to be taken down, and she's the bada$$ to do it.

If she can get her hands on him.

Of course, that was never going to be easy, and in the face of the apocalypse that's hit Earth, yeah, it's not like she can just buzz him on the phone... But when certain situations come to light in the face of Armageddon, Morningstar suddenly doesn't look like the biggest, baddest SOB out there. No, sirree. That title belongs to someone else.

Three guesses as to who.

Only trouble is, Thalia and her mates can't take out the Earth's true foe on their lonesome, which means they're going to have to work with their son-in-law-to-be without chopping off his head.

TriAlpha (PNR RH)

Armageddon was supposed to mean the end of the world.
Instead, it means the end of everything humans thought they knew to be real...

Thalia Lyndhoven, until recently, was a Pack Princess. Not exactly spoiled, she was barely tolerated by anyone in her family, until an Elder came along and told her fathers, the leaders of the North American Pack, that she was at the center of a prophecy.

Along the way, she's found her three mates, learned of the existence of three new races, and has discovered that the Devil is real, and his name isn't Lucifer, but Vulcun, and he doesn't have a tail or horns.

Life couldn't be more complicated, and Thalia finds herself the Queen in a time of great change for two worlds. But with change comes anger, and anger can lead to violence. Can Thalia keep her family safe in this most troubling of times?

The TriAlpha Chronicles Boxset 1-3 (PNR RH)

For the first time ever, read TRINITY, TRISKELE, and TRIAD in a boxset.

Set aside three nights because you've just found your next binge read.

This boxset contains books 1 to 3 of THE TRIALPHA CHRONICLES.

The TriAlpha Chronicles Boxset 4-6 (PNR RH)

For the first time ever, read TRIUMPH, TRIERNA, and TRIALPHA in a boxset.

Set aside three nights because you've just found your next binge read.

This boxset contains books 4 to 6 of THE TRIALPHA CHRONICLES.

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