Trinity (PNR RH)

Series: TriAlpha Chronicles (PNR RH) #1
Release Date: August 22, 2018
Genre: Paranormal RH

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Trouble follows her, but the Fates never do anything without a reason...

Discover what that reason is in this Paranormal Romance Reverse Harem saga.

Shunned by the Pack, hidden away like a monster, Thalia had no choice but to embrace what she was in an attempt to survive. With her thirtieth birthday in the near distance, things had never looked bleaker until an Elder reveals a troubling prophecy, one that she is at the center of.

But her destiny involves more than just the Pack. There's a war brewing, one that only the Gods are aware of. Thalia was born to be their righthand woman, and with each step she takes, she's on a hair trigger. Devastation awaits mankind and Thalia is all that's keeping things in check.

But who will keep Thalia in check? The mates the Gods gift her along the way? Well, if she can find them, that is...

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