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The Forgotten Boys: Book One


Steel: A Dark & Dirty Sinners book Four


He was my first crush. My first love. But he broke my heart.

He tore us apart so brutally that an ocean, never mind a state line, wasn’t enough distance between us. But for all he ruined me, I still love him. Despite the women and the lies, it never died, but that didn’t mean I’d take his BS and roll over for him.

Some people are destined to find danger wherever they go…

When disaster strikes, he’s the first person I think of. I know he’ll save me. I know, despite everything, despite the arguments and the bitterness, he’ll find me. I just never imagined that my being in danger would be what broke him.

But the road to redemption is long.

He’ll have to work hard to make me his.

Let the fun begin…

Steel is the fourth book in the Dark & Dirty Sinners’ MC’ series.

Filthy Disciple: A Disciples and Five Points Mob Collection Crossover

She was an assignment: a selfish brat who’d run away from home and who’d found refuge in an MC, a spoiled pain in my ass that I had to bring back to Daddy.

Only—Isabelle is nothing like the picture my initial research painted. Yes, she’s a brat. Yes, she’s insecure. And yes, she’s a Disciple…sort of.

But she’s so much more than that. So broken, yet so hopeful. So lost, yet so eager to be found.

I found her—but that means her father has too. Taking her home was supposed to repay a favor owed. I just didn’t realize that home was the most dangerous place in the world for her…

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