Where can I find the reading orders of The Five Points Mob Universe?

For the best cinematic effect, the books should be read in the order found here: https://serenaakeroyd.com/…/the-five-points-mob…/

  • The Feckers can be read as Standalones.
  • You can enter the universe with The Oath Duet that’s no problem at all!
  • The Sinners are best read in order as there are cliffhangers. But Storm can be read as a standalone and can also be skipped for those who aren’t comfortable reading it.
Is the next book really coming in X time? I’m gonna die! 

Yes, the next book is really coming in X time. I am very prolific writer. I write really long books but they take a long time to write! You can’t rush perfection. 😉


Is there a family tree for the Feckers / Sinners / Valentinis or the Five Points Mob Universe?

Short answer: no.

Longer answer: no, because building such a tree is not compatible with how I write my stories. But as soon as we can make one (i.e. when we get close to a series completion), we will!

Is Conor getting a book? When is Conor getting a book? 

Conor’s book is coming in December! You can preorder your copy here : www.books2read.com/FilthyFeck

Is Lodestar going to end up with Conor? And will it be a Sinners book or a Feckers book?

Lodestar is already Conor’s. She just doesn’t know it yet… but he’s in love with her like I think he never thought he would be with a woman. And it will be a Fecker’s book!

Can we have Sr. and Lena’s book? Or even a novella?

I LOVE Aidan Sr and Lena’s characters. But the truth of the matter is that Aidan Sr cheated and at this point in time, I cannot go through that again, and I feel like I can’t ask my team to go through that again with me. Storm’s taken its toll and well, Sr. and Lena’s story is told bit by bit through the books and that is how it’ll remain.

I think I’ve read Filthy before? 

Filthy used to be called The Air He Breathes, which used to be called Screw You and Screw Me. But right now you can find it as one big amazing book: Filthy!

Will Victoria get a book? 


Will Victoria end up with Maxim? Will Victoria end up with Shay? 

Now that would be telling… and what would be the fun in that? 😉

What other factions will get books now that we have the Sinners, the Feckers and the Valentini’s?

I have always wanted to write a Bratva Series… cause that’s where my heart has always been! So… stay tuned! Don’t ask me when, I don’t know! I will know when the preorders are up for book one!

Why can’t I find Bound anymore? When will Infiltrated be published?

Bound has been pulled to be rewritten, expanded and repackaged. It will be called Infiltrated and we don’t have a date of when it will be published. Just that it’s going to be a live release! So sign up for my Newsletter: https://serenaakeroyd.com/newsletter/

I will announce it there first!

Which Sinners will be getting books? 

The New Jersey chapter of the Satans Sinners is complete with the release of Rex and Rachel. The Ohio chapter will include North and Rain, who have been announced.

How many books can we expect in the Five Points Mob Collection?

Filthy Feck is the 8th and final book in the First Generation of the Five Points Mob Collection.

But I have plans for a second gen. Don’t ask when. We don’t know… we will know when the preorders are up!

How many books will there be in The Valentini Family Series? 

Since this series is written as duets, I am planning 6 books or 3 duets. The next one is The Revelation Duet which is Rory’s story and it’s coming next summer! www.books2read.com/ValentiniThree

Will the Sinners be made into audiobooks?

YES! They are coming to audio, but we don’t have details yet! 

Are all the Feckers coming to Audio? 

Yes! We are working on getting them all to audio right now! You can check out the first five books on Audible. Next up is Filthy Secret! 

Are The Valentinis coming to Audio? 

Yes! And they will be narrated by Joe Arden and CJ Bloom! The Oath Duet is out and available now! Starts with The Don.

Will there be second generation books? 

The answer to that is yes! Rain is getting a second gen book in the Sinners, and the Feckers are also getting second gen books!

Where can I find Mary Cat and Digger’s story?

It is up for preorder now and is coming this fall! www.books2read.com/FilthySinnerSerenaAkeroyd

Are there more books planned in the TriAlpha series?

No. The TriAlpha series is complete. The books have packaged as an omnibus called Winged Wolf. 

Get your copy here: www.books2read.com/WingedWolf

I can’t find the Hawkridge High series books anymore, why?

I decided to pull them until the characters behave a bit better and decide to talk to me so I can write the final installment in that series. As to when that book is coming? I have no idea at this point. I will know when the preorders are up! Sign up for my Newsletter, I will be sure to announce it there first!

I read Above The Surface / Toxic but I can’t find it anymore? Why?

Toxic was pulled and will be released at a later date with a brand new title and a brand new cover! The story will be reworked a bit as well. This book sadly never really took off, so I am going to give it a little love and try to rerelease it! When? I don’t know! Sign up to my newsletter to get the DL!

I love The Year of the Wolf Trilogy and I’ve read what’s available, when will it be finished?

I want that one off my back more than you can imagine, but the truth is right now, it’s not cooperating… But I am hoping soon! Keep an eye on my reader group or my Newsletter for more info!

These books have been removed from circulation for now. They may return at a later date, but we don’t know when just yet!

The Professor; Sinfully Theirs; Sinfully Mastered; Forever Theirs; Hotter Than Hades; The Sun Revolves Around Apollo; Coven; Leman; Ghost Whisperer; Ghost Avenger; and Ghost Hunter.

Genre classifications

ABO – Omegaverse (alpha/beta/omega)

BDSM – Bondage, discipline, dominance & submission

BULLY – Bully

CONT – Contemporary

Mafia – Mafia

MC – Motorcycle Club

MF – Male, Female

MM – Male, Male

MMF – Male, Male, Female

PNR – Paranormal

RH – Reverse Harem

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